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Leading moving company and relocation services

We have more than 30 years of experience in the moving and relocation sector, both large and small scale. We have stood out in the market for offering a holistic moving service, from the packing and transportation of goods to their delivery at the final destination.

We offer a personalized moving service tailored to the needs of each client, ensuring a safe and stress-free relocation.

Inters Specialty Sectors

Specialized moving services in different fields with national and international reach.

Servicios para hoteles Inters


Within the hotel services, we offer a wide variety of solutions that cover all the needs of furniture relocation in the hotel sector: Assembly, handling of delicate pieces, furniture protection and relocation.

servicio de mudanza comercio retail


In retail moving services, we take care of safely transporting a store’s entire inventory from one location to another. From packing, loading, transporting and unloading merchandise, to coordinating with the store’s team.

Servicios de Mudanza de vivienda


We offer national and international moving services. We move your personal belongings safely and efficiently, including packing, transportation and unpacking. Our goal is to make your move an easy and stress-free process.

Servicio de Mudanza por reubicación

Relocation Services

We offer relocation services for companies and individuals moving to another city or country. Our team of professionals takes care of the entire process, from planning and managing the relocation to adapting to the new environment.

Servicio de mudanza traslado de laboratorios

Lab Relocation

We take care of moving equipment, samples and products from one laboratory to another. Our services include planning, packing, transportation and reinstallation of equipment, as well as safe handling of samples and products.

Mudanzas en Barcelona Inters

Office Moving

Our services include packing of objects, disassembly and reinstallation of furniture, management of documents and files, and safe transportation. We also offer furniture storage services, and destruction of materials if necessary.

Moving services and customized projects

If you need a customized solution, give us a call. We will find a way to help you and learn from your project. Any project that has to do with mobility, assembly or handling is welcome.

Why choose Inters as your moving company?

A safe bet for your project


We offer assistance and advice to our customers at all times, from contracting to final delivery. We make sure to be available to our customers in case of any doubt or query they may have during the whole process of moving and relocation services.

 Fleet of vehicles

We have our own fleet of vehicles specialized in moving, equipped with the latest technologies to ensure safety and efficiency in the transportation of your belongings. Our vehicles meet the highest quality and safety standards in the market.


We have more than 30 years in the moving industry, which allows us to offer a high quality and efficient service. Our team of professionals is highly qualified and has the necessary tools and techniques to carry out any type of removal, no matter how complex it may be.

Zero incident rate

We pride ourselves on having an incident rate close to 0 in all our moves. We ensure the safety and security of your belongings at all times, minimizing any possible risk of damage or loss.


We adapt to the needs of each client, whether it is a private or corporate move. We offer customized solutions that adjust to each situation, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

Tailor-made moving service

At Inters, we understand that each client is unique, so we offer tailor-made services adapted to each client’s needs and budgets. We make sure to offer a quality moving service that meets our clients’ expectations.