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Instalación y montaje de oficinas y tiendas

Assembly and disassembly of furniture

Multiple retail chains and franchises already trust us to develop the assembly of their points of sale. Also several multinationals and startups find in Inters an agile solution for the installation of their new offices, as their space needs change. No matter the size of your company, we have a solution for you.

Montaje y desmontaje de mobiliario

Installation of new furniture

Thanks to our structure, Inters is a particularly attractive option for the assembly of new furniture. Not only can we place your material anywhere in the world, but we have a great experience in unpacking, assembling and leaving your office or point of sale ready for production in record time.

Protección de elementos en reformas

Protection of elements in renovations

We seek continuous improvement in terms of our procedures, but we also make sure we have the latest in packaging and material care systems. We work fast, but that does not prevent us from ensuring the proper care of your materials. Therefore, we guarantee a perfect delivery of the project in quality and on time.

Movimientos de reubicación

Relocation movements in or between buildings

We understand that the market is dynamic and companies need to adapt to new situations. Moving to a larger or smaller location, changing city or district, etc., are very common needs.  Therefore, we are prepared to move your material between different areas of the same building or between different properties, as you need it. We can move your goods from origin to destination directly, or we can store your material for as long as you need.

Recogida y destrucción de mobiliario

Collection and destruction of furniture

We are aware that every move implies the disposal of a large amount of materials: obsolete or damaged furniture, old documentation, etc. At Inters we take care of the collection and destruction of your furniture and we carry out the correct waste management, according to the current regulations.

Guardamuebles de corto, medio y largo plazo

Guardamuebles de corto, medio y largo plazo

Our warehouses have the optimal conditions to ensure the integrity of your goods, regardless of their type: computer equipment, technological material, documentation, furniture, decoration… We have effective security systems to protect your materials. And you choose how long you want us to store them. 

What makes us different?

The ideal choice for the corporate and retail segment

Consultoría personalizada sobre tu proyecto

Personalized consulting on your project

From experience we know that this type of projects require a detailed study and a previous knowledge of the starting situation and the final objective, which will determine the success of the project. One of the advantages of working with Inters is that we put all our criteria at your disposal before starting the work.

Innovación continua

Continuous Innovation

We are constantly innovating in order to adapt to the peculiarities of each project. Having a multisectorial profile has allowed us to incorporate knowledge and methodology from one industry to another and, in addition, to implement them in our business model.

Servicio integral con un único interlocutor

Comprehensive service. A single contact

We put at your disposal the figure of the project manager, who will manage all your doubts and requests, offering you an integral service. He will be personally in charge of orchestrating the tasks of all the collaborators necessary to execute the project in a coordinated manner and avoid mismatches in the delivery of the project. All in a transparent way for you. Forget to think to whom you should report a doubt: everything, to your project manager.

Recursos humanos propios

In-house human resources

Almost all of the personnel involved in your project will be direct employees of Inters, people we have selected according to our high quality standards, trained and cared for over the years. Their commitment to our firm and their level of involvement ensure the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients. We only rely on external collaborators for very specific and unusual tasks, for which we require the best experts in the market. 

Capacidad de reacción

Agile service

We go where most others do not. We are able to undertake projects successfully, with a very tight time frame, and with little room for maneuver. We plan in detail all our projects and we like to work in the most efficient way because we are aware of the market demands and we know that sometimes deadlines are a must. We have the necessary resources to develop your project successfully and on schedule.

Certificación ISO 9001

Flexibility and adaptability

We are an expert company in reacting and finding alternatives to mismatches and unforeseen events in the script. Sometimes incidents arise that need to be solved instantly. At Inters we are able to solve these setbacks and prevent them from having an impact on your project and your business.

Corporate moving

Office moves and relocations, international moves of employees and managers, storage of furniture and personal effects, relocation and mobility procedures.


Hospitality services

Montaje y desmontaje de mobiliario, manejo de piezas delicadas y decoración, protección de elementos en reformas, reubicaciones, recogida y destrucción de mobiliario…

Workspaces & Retail

Instalación y montaje de oficinas y tiendas, montaje de mobiliario nuevo, protección de elementos en reformas, movimientos de reubicación entre edificios, …

Tailor made projects

Si necesitas una solución para un problema, llámanos. Encontraremos la forma de ayudarte y de aprender con tu proyecto.